How Do I Know If I’m Psychic?

This has got to be the question that I am  asked most often! (well that, and “how did YOU first know that you were Psychic?”

Well, In answer to the first Question, how do I know if Im Psychic?

I totally, whole heartedly, believe that the answer to that, is that we are all capable of using our psychic abilities! so the question would then be

What level of Psychic do you mean?

You see we all use a percentage of our intuition(Psychic awareness)most days,and wouldn’t even give it a second thought!


“How awesome, I was just thinking of you,and you’ve rang!”……When you have been randomly thinking of someone who then calls you!


O.M.G.! ” I was only thinking of that person this morning!….as you meet them down the street!

How about when your humming or singing some  random song,only to hear it playing in a store or on the radio!

These are all, everyday ways that we tune into our Psychic awareness

How often do we hear of the Policeman,who followed their “gut feeling” on a case, even though at the time the facts didn’t  back their gut feelings?

However after following their gut feelings, they are proved to be right.

Or…what about when  we have that feeling somethings not right,  talk ourselves out of being silly, only to find out that we were 100% right!

So most of us DO listen to our intuition at times, but sadly , most of us ei ignore our feelings  most of the time, or put those feelings leading us  in the right direction down to sheer luck!

So I guess my answer to the age old question of “How Do I Know If I’m Psychic?” Is,  believe that you already are ,then STOP,LISTEN and TRUST!


Take time out each day to debrief, quietly sit and allow your mind to De-clutter, and YES, that does mean social media too!


Allow that voice within to be heard,when it tells you “Don’t walk that way”

or “move the hose from the front lawn ” may seem trivial and even silly, but it might stop it from being taken,  worse still someone tripping on it!


Have faith in what your feeling, trust that gut feeling, or that knowing you  have, listen to what your intuition is trying to tell you

once you learn to listen, its all about PRACTICE,PRACTICE,PRACTICE!

So really ,the question that should be being asked, is “How Do I Become A Better Psychic?” because you already ARE Psychic!

But thats another Blog!



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