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Got something that you need a bit of guidance with? A pressing or nagging concern that just wont rest! Maybe just some confirmation that the decision that your about to make is the right one, or perhaps just validation of actions you have taken. Something pressing that needs an answer NOW!

If you can relate to any of the above, a mini reading by email might be just right for you! Souldirection provide a number of different types of readings, and a number of ways for you to gain access to these readings. One of these ways is through Email readings. Its simple really – you send me through the questions you need guidance with via email to our contact form, and I will then reply to you!

Email readings are a great way to get clarity, and guidance with pressing situations that just need answering NOW!
Email readings however,are not a suitable reading type for everyone

They are NOT suitable for time based Questions
They need to be presented in a format which can be answered by using a Yes/ No answer
One way to establish whether email readings are the right reading for you, is by asking
If your questions are – How , When or Why -will a situation take place Email readings are not for you!
Should your questions relate to, Should I, Will I or am I ,- email readings might just be what you need!

email readings using tarot cards

Through my guides, and either Tarot cards or Oracle cards, I will use an eleven card spread to find the answers to your questions. The type of cards I use is mainly determined by the questions you send. You will receive your reading in the form of a voice recording, via Dropbox. Your Email reading is sent to you within 8 hours, often within 1 or 2. Because Email readings are a mini reading, a maximum of 3 questions can be asked. These readings are great for those people who really cant wait for an appointment, or those people who just need a little confirmation or guidance.

Cost $36:00

Payable in full at time of email.

Payment through PayPal


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