Psychic Soul Readings

With a psychic soul reading, I will read information that is already written within your soul and energy field (Aura).

While it is not necessary to use any “tools”, often clairvoyants and psychics will use cards to give them a direction, or a beginning, middle and ending to a reading which allows more clarity to the reading. When I do a Psychic soul reading I often use either Tarot cards, or Oracle cards and I like to start my readings with a little numerology and finish with a small rune stone reading.

It is not uncommon during these readings for contact to be made by spirit from a past loved one, friend or pet. I will always start my readings by asking if you are happy to
receive the information should this be the case.

Psychic soul readings are often helpful for those just looking for some clarity and guidance with matters taking place in the present and what may be in store for the future.
Most people coming for these readings leave with a better understanding of what is happening in this time of their life, and I am often told that they feel empowered and positive after receiving a reading.

Please note when booking this reading, that the deposit must be made through PayPal, or the booking will not remain in the system
Time Approx. 1 hr
Appointment only
Payment types accepted: EFTPOS, PayPal, Direct Deposit, Cash

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