Phone Psychic Readings

Souldirection offer phone readings for those who might find themselves unable to come to a personal reading, and find it a better option than Skype readings. Phone readings can be conducted from anywhere, and all you need is the time and the phone! Phone readings are great for those who might find themselves away from home, or maybe those who want to have a reading through their lunch break, or just settled in their
favourite spot, it really doesn’t matter, it really is as simple as being in a quiet place, somewhere that allows you to relax and have a reading.

phone psychic readings

For me these readings require me to utilise my connection to spirit more, utilising both my clairsentience and clairaudience. I do normally use Tarot cards, or oracle cards for Phone readings and usually base the decision as to which type on my intuition at the time of the reading. There is also a small amount of numerology within the reading, this is done based on your date of birth. The numerology within a phone reading is slightly less than the numerology in my personal readings and Skype readings. For this reason the rune reading at the end of the phone reading is slightly longer than
that in the personal and Skype readings.

A copy of your phone reading is included and can be sent to you in a voice recording to you via Dropbox.

Phone readings are appointment only.

Time approx. 1 Hour

Price – $120:00

Payment in full at time of booking.

PayPal available.

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