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I have been reading for people for over 30 years, a majority of which have been psychic soul readings, tarot and oracle card readings. I have also practised numerology and used runestones for almost as many years, and like to incorporate those within my readings. In more recent years I have developed a far stronger connection with my mediumship, and as a result I offer mediumship readings also.

I have been blessed to work both in the UK and Australia, and although based in Geelong, I find many clients have come to me from Melbourne, Werribee, the surrounding surfcoast, and beyond.

As we are all becoming more time poor and lead such busy lives, I offer Zoom readings and phone readings which are a wonderful way for people make an appointment with me in comfort of their own home. For this reason my hours are extended for Zoom and readings over the phone.

Whilst being available from 10.00am until 6.00pm most days for personal reading appointments, I am available for appointments from 6pm until 9pm for Zoom and phone readings only.

I truly love what I do and feel blessed in knowing that over many years my gifts, through my spirit guides, have helped countless people with their own spiritual journey and understanding. This has empowered them to make life choices, help them understand and embrace their own intuition and psychic insight, and has given them soul direction.

In more recent times, It has become ever more evident that shifts in energy truly do make a difference in our lives
For this reason,I have created a line of products using the benefit of essential oils and crystals, to change the energy around us.

This has been an amazing journey,
Learning many things along the way, and has allowed through the use of products containing essential oils and crystals for me to create some amazing and beautiful products

These include Candles, Reed Diffusers,Personal Spray ( to help in removing negative energy) Room sprays and Car Deodorisers

Most of these products have a range specifically designed on smudge sticks,
Allowing the use of the product, instead of burning the smudge sticks,
You may choose to light a candle, have a reed diffuser in a room, or room spray and of course personal sprays

All of my products as well as using essential oils, use the benefit of crystals to enhance the product with the energetic benefits of the crystals

A selection of my products can be seen and purchased in my shop at the top of the page

I am a Psychic and Medium,and offer spiritual guidance in the form of Psychic Soul, Mediumship, and Tarot readings 


Clairsentience refers to psychics’ ability to empathise with the feelings of others, without relying on any of our five senses. It relies on a certain level of feeling; one that does not rely on what is directly in front of us, but that draws on the inner feeling.

This is the gift that I most probably use more than any. This gift allows me to feel from the energy of others, whether through cards when I read from them, or just sitting opposite them, this gift allows me to tune in to their emotional being at the time, or their physical being. I might know they are suffering from a pain in part of their body, because for a brief moment I too feel that pain. If they are depressed or tired, I too will for a brief moment feel their energy.


Ever just known something is not right? Something you have been told, or witnessed, and it just doesn’t seem right?

That is claircognizence. The gut feeling we’ve all experienced. That knowing without proof or confirmation. We all have it, most of us use it at times – and at times it can pull us away from a bad situation. It might not even make sense at the time, but it will!

Over the years I have learned how to recognise without doubt the intuition of my claircognizence, and allowed it to act as a valuable tool that helps when I read for others.


As a medium, I have developed my gift of clairaudience. Quite literally, clairaudience refers to ‘clear hearing’ – but it also refers to something more than this. Clairaudience primarily relates to intuition and hearing that is not just in our ears.

Part of this comes in a manner that I hear a name, or a message. I don’t hear it in the physical sense of hearing, but in the inner mind.

By that I mean that from nowhere a name or message will come into my mind, in a manner that over the years I’ve learnt to recognise as being from my guides, and not subconscious thought.

Find out more about my Psychic Soul readings, mediumship readings, tarot and oracle card readings

For any additional information about my psychic soul readings, Mediumship readings, Tarot and Oracle card readings, please call me on 0426 767 685.

Feel free to visit my Facebook page and ‘Like’ to stay on top of the latest news here at Soul Direction. If you have any questions about my services, please call me directly on 0426 767 685.


Psychic Soul Readings

With a psychic soul reading, I will read information that is already written within your soul and energy field (Aura).

While it is not necessary to use any “tools”, often clairvoyants and psychics will use cards to give them a direction, or a beginning, middle and ending to a reading which allows more clarity to the reading. When I do a Psychic soul reading I often use either Tarot cards, or Oracle cards and I like to start my readings with a little numerology and finish with a small rune stone reading.

It is not uncommon during these readings for contact to be made by spirit from a past loved one, friend or pet. I will always start my readings by asking if you are happy to
receive the information should this be the case.

Psychic soul readings are often helpful for those just looking for some clarity and guidance with matters taking place in the present and what may be in store for the future.
Most people coming for these readings leave with a better understanding of what is happening in this time of their life, and I am often told that they feel empowered and positive after receiving a reading.

Time Approx. 1 hr
Appointment only
Please note: Deposit must be paid at the time of the booking or the booking will not remain in the system
Payment types accepted: EFTPOS, PayPal, Direct Deposit, Cash

Mediumship Readings

Mediumship readings are when the person seeking the reading is coming to connect specifically with those loved ones, family, friends and pets that no longer walk beside us on the earth plane but within the spirit realm.
I do not usually use anything other than connection to spirit for these readings, however if you would like me to incorporate some psychometry within the reading I am happy to do so – but for this, a photo or object that belonged to those you are wanting to connect with will need to be brought to the reading.

These readings are very powerful, and often helpful with the healing process of grief. Mediumship readings are for validation ,confirmation,and connection, and while spirit will always offer messages, these readings are not the reading you should seek for future direction

Time Approx. 1 hour (approx.)
Appointment only
Please note: Deposit must be paid at the time of the booking, or the booking will not remain in the system
Payment types accepted: EFTPOS, PayPal, Direct Deposit, Cash

Personal Readings

Personal Readings are done face to face where you come to me. With the help of either Tarot cards or Oracle cards I will read for you, while you determine which cards are used. These readings also include a small numerology reading which helps in determining personality traits which often cause us to continually make the same mistakes in life. Once these are recognised, they can help us in making relevant changes in our lives. There is also a small rune reading at the end of the card reading.

Issues of importance are often recognised within the card reading, and reinforced by the rune reading. Often through my readings, messages from spirit will come through, and be passed on by me to you.

Time Approx. 1hr
Appointment only
Please note: deposit must be paid at the time of the booking, or the booking will not remain in the system
Payment types accepted: EFTPOS, PayPal, Direct Deposit, Cash

Phone Readings

Phone readings are based on mainly card and mediumship, relying more on my clairsentience and clairaudience. I do use either Tarot or Oracle cards, but I will choose which to use based on my intuition as to which I feel will give the most information for you and the most accurate reading.

Click here to learn more, as well as information about appointments and pricing.

Zoom  Readings

Zoom readings are given in almost the same way as phone readings. They are based primarily on card and mediumship.

Click here to learn more, as well as information about appointments and pricing.

Email Readings

  Email readings are simple really- You send through up to three questions you need guidance with via the contact form

and I will then return your reading via Dropbox, using mp3 format
Through my guides,and either Tarot cards or Oracle cards, I will use a 11 card spread to find the answers to your questions. Email readings However are Not a suitable reading type for everyone find out if they can be useful for you.

Click here to learn more, as well as information about appointments and pricing.

Intuitive Soul Workshop

Held approx every 8 weeks.
These are 1 day workshops and cover:

  • Recognising and understanding energy shifts
  • Reading auras
  • Psychometry
  • Using a pendulum
  • How to use oracle cards

These workshops include a pack of oracle cards, and pendulum.

Cost $105.00
Payment types accepted: PayPal, Direct Deposit
Contact me for information through email or contact form



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