Tranquility Candle – Large Glass


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The Intuition candle is designed to help us better connect with our inner self. This candle is an amazing choice to burn while practicing meditation or yoga.

However, its beautiful fragrance and calming effect make it perfect for any time.

The Tranquility candle is infused with a blend of lavender and frankincense, and it smells divine, with its gentle and subtle earthy and floral tones.

For many years, the properties of frankincense have been used to help boost confidence and mental agility, cleanse the mind, body, and spirit, and aid in meditation. Meanwhile, the beautiful oil from lavender helps with serenity, devotion, and calmness. The crystals citrine or clear quartz are used in our Tranquility candle, decorated with amethyst chips.

You may choose to have the Tranquility candle in one of our other eight fragrances.

The candle wax is available in natural, apricot, lilac, lemon, and lime. They are also available in the four types of jars currently on offer.