Love Candle – Small Glass


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Who doesn’t want to fill their space with the feeling of love!
This candle is infused with Rose Quartz tumbles,.and decorated with Rose Quartz and Amethyst chips

Fragranced with a soft and beautiful mixture of essential oils, giving a hint of fruitiness, mixed with the fragrances of Jasmine, vanilla, and Musk
We also use Blackberry and Raspberry oils

Whilst in history Blackberries and their leaves have been used for the anti inflammatory healing properties, they are also known to have a nurturing and soothing effect.
Whilst Raspberries are. Known to enhance Love, patience and protection, Jasmine is known to reduce stress whilst Vanilla, is found to help our stress and musk offers protection from negative energy and romance stimulation,
Together, a perfect mix for our love candle.

You may choose to have the Love candle in one of our other 8 fragrances.

The candle wax is available in Natural, Apricot, Lilac,Lemon and lime
They are also available in the 4 types of jars available at the moment